Ballycurraghan, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
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Gheel Autism Services was founded in 1971 by parents of people with autism. We provide services for adults with autism in the greater Dublin and North Kildare region. Here at Gheel, we provide day, residential, supported living and outreach services for adults with autism with the goal of maximising independence and enhancing quality of life for all of our service users. All of our programmes are tailored to recognise the unique individuality of persons with ASD.

Mission Statement

Gheel Autism Services are committed to delivering quality and safe services, which embrace and support unique individuality of persons with autism as valued members of society.

Our Autism informed services aims to:

  • Support and embrace difference
  • Design individual person-centred services
  • Facilitate family and community involvement
  • Promote evidence-based practice and training
  • Respect the Privacy and Dignity of each individual
  • Provide people with choices, not boundaries
  • Live a low arousal philosophy
  • Monitor and audit our services in line with best practice
  • Give people a life, not just a service

Gheel’s Philosophy

The spirit of our philosophy here at Gheel is captured in the following words:
“If you would help me, don’t try to change me to fit your world. Don’t try to confine me to some tiny part of the world that you can change to fit me. Grant me the dignity of meeting me on my own terms – recognise that we are equally alien to each other, and that my ways of being are not merely damaged versions of yours. Question your assumptions. Define your terms. Work with me to build more bridges between us.”
(J. Sinclair: Personal Essay – High Functioning individuals with autism E. Schopler, G. Mesibov, 1992).


Gheel’s values are Dignity, Respect, Empowerment, Diversity and Integrity. Here at Gheel, we endeavour to live and work by these values in our interactions with our Service Users and with each other.

Gheel Autism Services is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status CHY 7345.

You can download a copy of our 2016 Financial Statements here.