CEO Address


We are solely focused on providing support to live happy, meaningful lives


Inclusive communities where people are valued and have meaningful opportunities to design their own future in Ireland

Our Values

Empowerment - Leadership - Innovation - Teamwork - Learning


Our Committments

Our practice promotes meaningful and purposeful opportunities that contribute to the potential of an ambitious future for the person

Leadership is a behaviour, not a formal role - it occurs when individuals use influence to create positive change

We take responsibility for change - 'I, not Gheel'

We are trained and have developed expertise to enable us to plan for and provide opportunities for the enhancement of supports and for the development of skills

We embrace innovative and technological support methods so as enable limitless potential

All of our residential services are registered and reviewed by Health Information & Quality Authority (HIQA) and full details can be found on their website

A non-profit company limited by guarantee.
Registered Charity Number 20015787
Company Registration Number 53565

Phone: +353 (0) 1 6291596
1-2 Marino Mart, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland D03T3P1

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