Welcome to Gheel Autism Services

Gheel Autism Services (formally Gheel Training Group) was founded in 1971 by parents of people with autism. Gheel Autism services provides a varied range of services including: Day Services, Respite Services, Residential Services, Individual Living Scheme, Day Programmes, Residential Programmes, Leisure Programmes, Community Employment Scheme, Outreach Services, and Autism Education and Research.

We do not view autism in terms of it’s deficits but more positively we like to think of people as having differing abilities and strengths in essence we prefer to describe people in terms of what they can do. Most importantly of all, people can have different ways of seeing and experiencing even the most simple every day events. We believe that it is really important to try and view the experiences of a person with autism from their perspective. Think of it this way, if a person speaks a different language try to learn their language, don’t teach them yours first. Our day to day experiences of people with autism reinforces our belief in their individuality.

Gheel Autism services for adults

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Gheel Autism Services provides day services for 60 adults with autism in two day centres.
  • We provide a respite service to some of our day attenders who live at home
  • Gheel specialises in providing residential services in a personalised home-like atmosphere for our residents
  • Gheel Autism Services supports a number of individuals who are on the autistic spectrum to live an independent life in their own community home.
  • We offer a day programme to our adults in residential care and to others who are transported to and from their homes daily.
  • Residential programme – The majority of the residents living in these houses attend programmes in our day service during the day.
  • In our endeavour to offer new experiences to our residents, we provide holidays and breaks away as part of our leisure programme.
  • We work in co-operation with Fás (a local authority service), who run a Community Employment Scheme that offers people the opportunity to return to the work place and/or gain work experience.
  • The aim of our outreach service is to provide support and advice to individuals with an autistic spectrum disorder, their families and other agencies.
  • Research – It is Gheel’s objective to promote and encourage scientific research based on best practice relating to people with an autistic spectrum disorder.

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