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"If you have met one autistic person, you have met one autistic person"

Styles of Services Provided


Day Service

Our Day Supports model strives to:

  • Use Person Centred Planning systems to deliver outstanding outcomes for people.
  • Develop sustainable support strategies for each person supported.
  • Ensure that the concepts of Human rights, neurodiversity and self-actualisation are at the heart of support planning.
  • Embrace a culture of creativity, innovation and dynamism.
  • Build capacity and develop social capital in a person’s local community so that people supported can partake as they see fit in an inclusive society

Living Options

Gheel’s Living Options models of support will:

  • Strive to uphold Article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities
  • Develop robust pathways that will allow for people supported by Gheel to progress towards a supported living option that best suits their will and need
  • Develop a range of flexible and natural support options that will ensure that people supported will have an exceptional quality of life in their local community.
  • Ensure that people supported have choice and control with regard to all elements of their own home


Gheel’s transition support team use a caseworker model to provide 1:1 supports so that individuals availing of supports can be supported to:

  • Develop an understanding and a personalised strategy with regard to how your autism interacts with the world!
  • Develop personalised support strategies and to plan for and realise your career ambitions
  • Develop personalised strategies and to support planning to enhance friendships, relationships, community involvement and active citizenship
  • Plan for the next stages of life in areas such as housing, career, passions and interests.
  • Ensure that positive well being strategies are at the core of your support planning

Community Support

Our Community Support Teams will support you to build the necessary skills to support you to live as independently as possible by ensuring that:

  • you have exactly the right amount of support that you need at times that suit you
  • you have tailor made support arrangements that support you to live the lifestyle of your choosing
  • your rights with regard to tenancy arrangements, career progression and community participation are paramount at all times
  • you are supported to build capacity in the areas of your life that you currently need assistance with
  • creative solutions with regard to sustainable supports will be structured around your needs and preferences and will be focused on your positive well being

Information Sessions

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