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The term ‘autism’ is derived from the Greek word ‘auto’ which means self.

Autism is an enduring development condition that impacts the areas of social interaction, communication and information processing. It is a spectrum condition that means while people share certain characteristics, their needs and preferences will be highly individual.

Everyone’s experience of autism is unique to them from subtle difficulties to more complex needs. It is through an understanding of these needs and challenges that we can support our Service Users to reach their full potential. Our low arousal approach is the cornerstone of our philosophy here at Gheel which ensures that we respect each individual’s autism and allows them to be who they are. It is also the philosophy we use when interacting with each other as colleagues.

We do not view autism in terms of its deficits but more positively we like to think of people as having differing abilities and strengths in essence we prefer to describe people in terms of what they can do. Most importantly of all, people can have different ways of seeing and experiencing even the most simple every day events. We believe that it is really important to try and view the experiences of a person with autism from their perspective. Think of it this way, if a person speaks a different language try to learn their language, don’t teach them yours first. Our day to day experiences of people with autism reinforces our belief in their individuality.