Operation Garden Transformation

In May 2018, budding designers and gardeners set out to transform the back garden of ones of the Hives. When the project commenced the garden was a grey blank canvas as you can see in the picture above. Just over a year later it’s quite astonishing to think that it is the same garden!

The people involved in the project put a lot of thought and effort in to making the project eco-conscious and friendly by re-cycling used materials such as reclaimed car tyres, wooden pallets and wine boxes to plant a variety of shrubs and flowers. The use of colour and paint creates an exciting and vibrant feel to the space. The garden now is very much alive and is a lovely place take 5 to relax and soak in the surrounding nature.

The project gave participants an opportunity to learn about painting and plant life. Members of the project visited an urban garden located in Hardwick Street for tips and ideas for the project.

Big congratulations to all involved in this very innovative and exciting project.

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