Shared Learning

It’s great to get the opportunity to develop links with other companies as there is value in shared learning. We had a great opportunity to visit a company in a very different field and see what we could learn from their processes and bring back to Gheel.

We attended a workshop on “design thinking” at Verizon Connect offices in Dublin. Verizon Connect creates software for tracking Irish fleets and has worked with CityBin, Dublin Bus and Dublin City Council.

The workshop focused on explaining the process of “design thinking” and how it can be used to look at and create solutions to business problems.

As well as the workshop we were given a demonstration of how the different teams within the organization functionally communicate with each other on projects, ensuring efficiency and accountability within the team!

The North Kildare Community Support Team has taken some of these communication methods and will be adapting them to be a functioning part of how we operate.

A special thanks to Kelle Link and the team at Verizon Connect for a great and productive day!

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