Framework for Quality of Life Course

In July staff from Hortlands and some members of the practice development team started a new course called Framework for Quality of Life. The course aims to provide participants with an introduction to the concepts of normalization, person-centred planning and quality of life and with a framework for assessing and improving the quality of life of at least one person who uses Gheel services. Participants are encouraged to review their present way of working and to recognise potential for change without extra resources.

Framework for Quality of Life is a six day modular training course spread out over six months. Each participant selects and works with one person who uses the service. During the course participants devise a poster plan of the person’s life, identifies his or her strengths and needs, assess the person’s quality of life, organises a shared action meeting and implements a range of constructive actions.

It is hoped that this course will form part of the Autism Practitioner training programme for staff working in Gheel and will be rolled out to other staff over the coming months.

For more information on the course contact Dr Mitchel Fleming or click here.

Dr Mitchel Fleming, Consultant Clinical and Educational Psychologist

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